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Hypertension-A silent killer-By Dr.Deepti M

The increased pressure of the blood in the blood vessels is called hypertension. Nowadays, there are millions of people throughout the world, who are becoming the victims of this dreadful disease. Yet, they are unaware of the serious implications that this condition poses on their health. Sometimes, people are also not aware, that they have hypertension. In majority of the …

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Mitral stenosis: A terrible heart disease-By Dr.Deepti M

It’s a frightening truth that innumerable people across the globe are becoming victims of heart diseases, day by day. Mitral stenosis is a kind of heart disease, which affects plethora of people, belonging to different geographical area, ethnicities, races, and cultures, etc. Mitral stenosis is the disease inflicting the mitral or bicuspid valve of the heart. Our heart is made …

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Adult Treatment Panel for Coronary Artery Disease-By Edterchelle Soriano

The primary objective of treatment for people with coronary artery disease (CAD) is to reduce the serum low density lipoprotein (LDL – bad cholesterol) level. Current clinical studies verify that reducing the LDL also reduced the short-term susceptibility of cardiovascular disease by as much as 40%. It also brings even bigger risk reduction over the period of time. In 2012, …

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Vitamins for Healthy Heart and Vessels-By Edterchelle Soriano

Several studies and researches from around the globe recommend that taking sufficient amount of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cyanocobalamine) and folic acid (folacin) can help maintain healthy blood vessels and heart. Folic Acid, B6 and B12 works in combination to help lower the blood level of homocysteine (a natural form of protein that is broken down in the blood). Scientific …

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Heart Smart: Cut Fats and Cholesterol for Healthy Heart-By Edterchelle Soriano

The most important way to prevent heart diseases is to monitor the type and contents of food that we eat. Checking the nutritional value of every goods we buy at the grocery store can help us to establish the best healthy diet plan. One of the most common substances that can cause the development of heart disease is fats (cholesterol). …

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Guidelines for Assessing Heart Disease Incidence-By Edterchelle Soriano

The American Heart Association (AHA) identified four basic categories for heart diseases. Primarily, it is based on the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical and natural treatment that helps reduce or eliminate the mortality and morbidity rates of heart diseases. People with categories 1 and 2 risk factors can reduce their risk for having heart diseases through preventive measures. These precautionary measures …

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Understanding the Basics of Rheumatic Heart Disease and Rheumatic Fever-By Edterchelle Soriano

Frequent and acute Rheumatic Fever (RF) is considered as a systemic form of heart disease. It usually occurs during childhood period. The disease itself develops after sore throat (streptococcal infection). On the other hand, Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) refers to the condition which includes the signs and symptoms of RF and swelling of the heart (inflammation of inner, middle and …

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Benefits of Aspirin for Treating Heart Diseases-By Edterchelle Soriano

Aspirin is a drug used to treat myocardial infarction. It belongs to NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) which works to minimize the inflammation and pain. Recently, this drug is used to prevent and treat heart diseases. Diseases of the heart which includes CVA (Stroke), peripheral artery disease (Insufficient blood supply to the lower extremities such as leg), and MI (Heart Attack) …

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A Close Look at Coronary Artery Disease-By Edterchelle Soriano

To keep itself going, the heart depends on 2 thick main arteries. These arteries branches from the aorta that delivers clean oxygenated blood to both left and right side of the heart. The left coronary artery is bigger than the right one. It is divided into two vessels. The latter itself is commonly known as artery of sudden death, since …

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5 Common Forms of Heart Diseases-By Edterchelle Soriano

Disease of the heart is the leading cause of mortality in America. However, there are several cases (forms) of heart diseases that lead to fatality. It does not only affect the elder and obese people but it can strike everyone. Neonates die from congenital heart disease, teenager, adult men and women are at risk of developing other heart diseases, as …

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Best Foods for the Heart-By Edterchelle Soriano

We all know that the heart serves as the main core of the body. It is because the heart pumps the blood to all vital organs. This simply tells us that the brain can’t function or the kidney can’t perform normally without blood and oxygen supply. The heart is considered as a highly-vascular organ and it is very critical if …

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Foods That Prevent Hypertension-By Edterchelle Soriano

Hypertension (HTN) refers to the increase blood pressure (above 120/80 mmHg). According to the May 2012 statistical report from World Health Organization, there are approximately 290,000 cases of maternal deaths with relation to Heart Disease caused by hypertension. 1/3 of the figure comes from India with 20% prevalence rate and Nigeria with 14% incidence rate. Juvenile Hypertension is a condition …

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Natural Herbs and Supplements that Prevents Heart Diseases-By Edterchelle Soriano

The best way to avoid heart diseases is to perform healthy activities. That includes eating healthy foods and observing proper diet. Health promotion is the fundamental activity of world health organization that focuses on disseminating health information. For your information, heart disease (cardiovascular problems) is the top leading cause of death in America. Approximately, there are 58,800,000 Americans(according to leading …

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